We raise funds to support the maintenance and operation of a church and two schools for St. Francis Parish in Les Cayes, Haiti. St. Francis Parish is a Franciscan Mission and Seminary, and serves the people of Les Cayes, who used to worship and meet in a deteriorating large outdoor tent. They now attend mass in a modern facility built with donations from caring people. The Parish operates two schools, one of which was severely damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

How Franciscans in Action Began

Building the new St. Francis Parish.
The new St. Francis Parish in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Franciscans in Action grew out of a mission trip to Haiti in April of 2012 by Deacon Enock Berluche and Bill Mosca, Jr. Deacon Enock and his wife grew up near the current mission site, and the Deacon has visited his home country many times over the years in support of mission services. Deacon Enock told Bill of the Mission Parish and its tent church, and how the people had great difficulty hearing the priests speak at mass. Deacon Enock and Bill brought a state-of-the-art sound system to the Parish, and the parishioners had no further difficulties hearing the priests. After attending the first mass in the tent church using the new equipment, Deacon Enock and Bill toured the premises. There was a banana field adjacent to the tent church. Father Armand, the pastor, told of his dream to build a real church in that banana field. He also related his longer-term desire to build a community center with a health clinic to serve the area, and to fund the operation of two schools.

At that moment the Deacon and Bill had an epiphany: as they gazed at the overgrown banana field, they saw the “treasure in the field” described by St. Matthew in the Gospel. They saw the place where the new church would rise, where God’s Word would spread, where faith would grow and prosper. At that time they “bought the whole field for joy” – they vowed to raise the funds to build that church.

Where We Are Now

In the ensuing years, Deacon Enock and Bill raised the funds necessary to complete construction of the church, and have also raised funds to assist with the ongoing operation of the schools.

What We Need to Continue Our Mission

Here is our estimate of the moneys necessary to complete the Parish Pastor’s vision:

  • Church Sacristy – the Parish wishes to construct a sacristy at the back of the church to house sacred vessels, vestments and to store church equipment.  We estimate the cost at $25,000.
  • Community Center – this will be a meeting place and social services center, and will include a health clinic.  We estimate the cost at $100,000.
  • School Chapels with Classrooms – we will construct two chapels with additional classrooms at the schools, including a canteen area for meals, at an estimated cost of $40,000.
  • Annual School Budget – we estimate that the Parish can run the schools for $25,000 annually.

Your Generosity Can Help

Please visit our donor page and make a contribution via PayPal. Or, please mail a check payable to Franciscans in Action, 222 Mt. Airy Rd., Suite 200, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, 07920.